The WGSDPA in addition to Tri-State Working Dog Club (DVG LV America-North) and Hawaii Working Dogs would like to welcome one and all to the 2020 AWDF IGP Championship. Thank you for visting the 2020 AWDF National Championship Website. The Championship will be held in Central Pennsylvania from August 12 to August 16, with the actual competition commencing on August 14, Friday.

We are grateful that the judges, helpers, tracklayers, stadium volunteers and competitors have chosen to participate in and support this Championship and will do our best to ensure that it is run fairly and competently.

Olga Baram of DogSports4You, Roy Sorenson of WT - Mettall, Brian Aghajani, and Shelly Timmerman have graciously and generously supported this event. THANK YOU.

Towards such an end, please note that the AWDF Championship Platform consists of a National Events Committee which selects the host club from amongst the bids to host and also, selects two judges while the selected host club selects the third judge; a separate Helper Committee that selects the helpers from the national level applicant pool and that the Phase C (Protection) Judge assigns the helpers amongst IGP 1, IGP2, IGP 3 (front) and IGP 3 (back) on the basis of a tryout. The Tracking Coordinator and Tracklayers are approved by the Executive Board.

Through such a process, which involves numerous qualified individuals and a demarcated but inter-related process, the AWDF believes that transparency and fairness can be ensured. The AWDF appreciates and understands the amount of time the competitors have put into their training with their canine partner, and therefore, our commitment to fairness and competence is paramount and something we believe each and every competitor is owed.

We are also grateful to the Northern Lebanon High School for allowing us to utilize its wonderful premises and the local landowners who have graciously allowed us to use their fields for the scent detection component of the competition.

The American Working Dog Federation was established on June 17, 1989 in order to promote awareness and appreciation of all working breeds and the various applications that test the temperament and trainability of the canine vis a vis the handler. This Championship will focus on International Gebrauchshund Prufung ("IGP") under the rules of the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) but the AWDF embraces herding, mondio ring and the breed standard of the canine's home country of origin as well.

IGP is known as the triathlon of dog sports and embraces scent detection, obdience/agility and protection of the handler. It is a rigorous three component test that requires the passing of all three phases during the same competition in order to achieve the coveted IGP Title. The BH Routine and Temperament Tests are the basic title for a "companion dog" that assesses the proper temperament, trainability and teamwork with the handler. IGP 1,2 and 3 encompass the aforementioned triathlon challenges with Level 3 being the most difficult to attain. IGP FH is the most rigorous scent detection challenge a sport dog can face, as it requires finding 7 randomly placed "evidence aritcles" while navigating a 3 hour old -1800 pace track that has been spoilated with cross tracks within 45 minutes on two consecutive days. A passing score on both days is required to attain the IGP FH certification.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 2020 American Working Dog Federation Championship and wish all competitors the best of luck. The judges, tracklayers, helpers and support staff will be ready. THANK YOU.